My primary research interests are bioethics, biotechnology ethics, medical law and health policy, moral psychology, experimental philosophy and phenomenology. In the past, I explored issues in aesthetics and the history of philosophy. 

As well as producing a monograph and book chapters with Routledge and Springer, I have published in high-ranking journals, including AJOB Empirical Bioethics, Australasian Journal of PhilosophyBioethicsJournal of Applied Philosophy, Journal of Medical Ethics and The American Journal of Bioethics.


I engage with empirically-grounded, practically-normative questions at the intersections of ethics, law and policy, including questions concerning the ethics of emerging and new health technologies, clinical decision making and patient autonomy, the rights, protection and empowerment of vulnerable individuals in health care contexts and feminist approaches to ethics, moral psychology and medical law. I also employ the methods of experimental philosophy (‘x-phi’) to shed light on normative and conceptual questions in bioethics and medical ethics. 


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Selected Publications

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